Time to re-establish trust

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Safeguarding assets has become critical in the world of digital assets. Edouard Hindi, chief investment officer, TYR Capital, talks through the priorities in the digital assets space and the key factors for growth in the space.

Cryptoverse: British pound fiasco boosts bitcoin’s hedge appeal

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As a developed nation, you know your currency’s in a spot of bother when investors start to hedge with bitcoin.

After Britain’s brief Prime Minister Liz Truss unleashed her mini-budget on Sept. 23, filling financial markets with dread, a section of investors stampeded away from the pound and towards the cryptocurrency .

City traders retreat to Bitcoin as ‘safe haven’ after sterling crash

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The scale of the turmoil in the City’s foreign exchange market caused by the September mini-Budget was laid bare today after new data found sterling’s volatility sparked a ten-fold increase in the volume of pound to Bitcoin traffic on spot exchanges.

Bitcoin Slips After Best Month of 2022 as Traders Weigh Recovery

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Bitcoin declined after reaching the highest levels since mid-June on Saturday amid optimism that the market may have recovered from its worst levels.

The largest cryptocurrency dropped as much as 3.6% to $22,958 on Monday after breaking above $24,000 over the weekend, its highest since mid-June. Its 27% gain in July made for the best month since October.

Tyr Capital appoints CEO

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Cryptocurrency hedge fund Tyr Capital has appointed Olivier Trombert as CEO. The residing CEO, Nick Norris, will take over the operational side of the business as Chief Operating Officer (COO), following the launch of Tyr Capital’s new venture fund last month.

Crypto all-time high data: What do the figures tell us?

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The year of crypto, as 2021 was called, produced a litany of record-breaking figures for bitcoin (BTC) and the wider altcoin market. Trading figures surpassed expectations, decentralised finance (DeFi) came to the fore, Tether became ground-zero for the regulation debate and major scams like Squid Game Token garnered mainstream coverage.